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just had to drop that

Ohh my god! Why is he sooo damn sexy? Let’s call him, Franz(well almost like the real name), you know how I refer to! My boss :D


He just went past Noel and me, while I was standing In front of Atrium B, he looked at us and then he said “Hello Ladies!”, uhhh, I was so embarrassed, just because he looked at me.



But isn’t that great, he doesn’t say “hi” to everybody! But me! He has this charming smile, the way he walks, hot! Just hot!





Oh my god, that b~~~~ the only one here I really honestly dislike! Italian! The stuck up girl, she went to Yoga today lol, yoga? They didn’t throw her out! No, I don’t want to complain she is probably even worse than the pretender! No, well not that bad but also annoying!



Why can’t she just try a little harder? Every time I hear her bloody voice, “What izzzzeee?”, hello what about nouns? And what about pronunciation at all? It’s not confirmed it’s confirmed, not ticked, ticked, what’s the problem? I mean… and she dislikes me as well as I do.



Hard to believe she talks about the same stuff every day! Every single day! “What izzzzeee?”, well they talk about cereals! Like, are the cereals they have for breakfast soooo interesting that you can talk about them every single day?



She is such a weirdo. Stuck up. But the best part was “EEEEVVERBOOOODY in IT-alie wears designer clothES !” me: “well but you are also wearing a jumper from h &m and not Prada” her reply: “But I wearE jeans, more expensive, Diesel” hahahaha… btw, she’s not even well dressed!



I had to get rid of that. I just dislike her!




28.2.05 17:13

my weekend.

Hi my dears!
This weekend was so f#### n boring! I went down to my grandparents, to New Ross! Didn’t do anything except from eating and talking! But well at least my grannies always great fun!
Well and yesterday I was FINALLY sick. Well, I wasn’t to bad but I had stomach pains. Now I know how it feels like to be pregnant!
I just needed the day off as after 4 months of working non stop I am just so tiered. Well, as I was off on Monday, the week seems already not that long anymore.
Just the couple of days and then on Sunday, Elin and I are goin to the NEW FOUND GLORY concert, front row of course
Well, next week should be alright, Monday’s payday! Shopping before going home. Btw, I bough this gorgeous little coat at topshop, it’s sooo cooll! It’s one of those, which are a little bit to big, you know what I mean, ahhh the word’s egg shape! Just like a Rain coat, but a stylish little rain coat!
Sina, darling! You will be off when I am home? That’s sooo cool! Can’t wait to go home. Btw, will you be in SOG on Sunday? Are you going to that shitty thing in Lagerhaus? Lol, well I probably have nothing else to do so if you feel like going give me a buzz! However, I will not wear any fancy dress, I will just go as the “foreigner” which I am now.
On Friday Elin and I went to the movies! Wanted to see P.S. I love you. But it was only on at 10.20 pm so we would have need to wait so we just decided to go and watch “I am Legend”, well I am still not sure if it was crap or if I liked it! One thing’s for sure, it was scary!
I know I have to do something about this page! When I get round to do so!
22.1.08 13:21

Some more crap

Hello Again!


Sorry for the crappy page. Miss Sina Bradshaw has to assist me someday at fixing the page. The navigation doesn’t work quite as I wan’t it to work… anyway, never mind, the content is the important thing.


Grand news! Hopeful news! Sabina seems to have found a guy! If this girl finds a guy there’s still hope for me! Lol! Don’t wanna say that she looks like crap, she doesn’t but it’s just well, she is a unlucky loser as myself!


We’ll se! I will have to think of a plan regarding “Mission Hansi G.” in two weeks time?! Any suggestions? I don’t have a clue because I think he is actually not to fond of stalkers, so I don’t know if that’s the right way, but is there any other way?


Probably not!


Well, it’s Thursday again! Thank god! Well, my weekend is not going to be that spectacular as I am going down to the countryside to Tom and Sadie. Boring, but lovely food for a change at the weekend.


But I am really looking forward to the following weekend as me and Elin are going to the “New Found Glory” concert at tripod on Sunday. That’s going to be hot! I am looking forward to it.


Today is alright, yesterday I felt like crap as I just felt like I needed holidays! But, somehow true, I have worked for 4 months in a row, that’s crazy, especially if you consider my previous life, hanging out on the red couch, lol! Btw, I can’t wait to hang out on the red couch when I am coming back in February! Thank god the PRETENDER is in NYC now! I won't say much about her, just that I am happy she's gone!

Pls leave comments, cunts!






Pure White Snow
17.1.08 15:18

My first entry!

Hello Guys!



After all that freaking out during December, all the paranoia, I was glad that my brother came over. I know it sounds stupid but actually you can not believe how much I went crazy on my own. I could hardly sleep at all. I was really thinking about going to a psychologist. I was standing in the middle of the living room, no radio on, nothing so that I could defend myself (with a pan?) if a “attacker” arrives.



When I was sleepy enough usually at 1 am or 2 am I rolled the shoe shelve in front of the door thinking I would at least hear my attacker entering. Smart girls are always prepared.



Actually I had a really “cool” idea. I was thinking about rolling the closet in front of the door so that a burglar would think “For F***’s Sake it’s not an apartment, it’s just a closet”.



Well, but I think it’s goin to get quieter in my area now because if the happenings on Sunday night/Morning, whatever, 3.30 am.



Like I always knew that the guys opposite were drug dealers, never mind, business is business but they were like real criminals, and I was frightened as drug business is still connected to IRA, gangland at that stuff.



Well, I was again up on Sunday night as my friend wasn’t home. I heard the tyres of a car, slamming doors, and then I jumped to the window: two guys breaking in the door of the dd’s house, I was so frightened, but then suddenly, 4 other cars arrived, again I could hear the tyres(like why can’t they just drive normal, do they really have to imitate action films?) and to my relieve, I saw that one guy was wearing a gardai jacket ( Irish police) and suddenly 4 other gardai cars arrived, flashlights everywhere… one arrest I guess the others msut have known as nobody was home.



Ahh, the only thing that scares me now is that they could probably suspect us, givin the gardai a hint! But I promise, dear dds it wasn’t me!



I hope I will survive the next 2,5 weeks. Then I’ll fly off to Munich. 2 – 10 February!



On the 5th is my frustrating birthday. I don’t want to turn 20. Oh god, that sounds so old.


I think I am just afraid of ending up alone and not having my little dream wedding and my dream rock as an engagement ring.



But, well here it doesn’t make any sense to look out for men. Irish men are weird. Well, they went to boys’ schools, it’s not their fault. But my granny married a Dutch fella as my mum a German fella. They all look like crap, expect from those Colin Farrell types of men. But if they look like that they mostly also have the character of Colin! And, we all know he’s not quite a guy to marry!



But I have my plans for when I am over for the week in February! Hope! And not only that, I am really looking forward to see some guys, Sarah, Sabina, Sina, Nicole… all the guys! AND HANSI! Like, how am I going to work this out? I would have to ask Markus again! But no way!



Well, I know where he lives! But he already thinks I am some kinda weird stalker, what is somehow true! I can understand! But he would be just the perfect catch! Hansi is so damn hot, even though the name sounds more like some kinda farmer with a blue overall. Then there is hottie nr. 2, R., but consumes too many drugs. Then there is this weirdo, I like him, but he has a girlfriend! I assume she must be very very very funny as she looks like, ahhh, dunno, crap! How many other options do I have? None, but we’ll see!








16.1.08 14:59

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