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Sorry for the crappy page. Miss Sina Bradshaw has to assist me someday at fixing the page. The navigation doesn’t work quite as I wan’t it to work… anyway, never mind, the content is the important thing.


Grand news! Hopeful news! Sabina seems to have found a guy! If this girl finds a guy there’s still hope for me! Lol! Don’t wanna say that she looks like crap, she doesn’t but it’s just well, she is a unlucky loser as myself!


We’ll se! I will have to think of a plan regarding “Mission Hansi G.” in two weeks time?! Any suggestions? I don’t have a clue because I think he is actually not to fond of stalkers, so I don’t know if that’s the right way, but is there any other way?


Probably not!


Well, it’s Thursday again! Thank god! Well, my weekend is not going to be that spectacular as I am going down to the countryside to Tom and Sadie. Boring, but lovely food for a change at the weekend.


But I am really looking forward to the following weekend as me and Elin are going to the “New Found Glory” concert at tripod on Sunday. That’s going to be hot! I am looking forward to it.


Today is alright, yesterday I felt like crap as I just felt like I needed holidays! But, somehow true, I have worked for 4 months in a row, that’s crazy, especially if you consider my previous life, hanging out on the red couch, lol! Btw, I can’t wait to hang out on the red couch when I am coming back in February! Thank god the PRETENDER is in NYC now! I won't say much about her, just that I am happy she's gone!

Pls leave comments, cunts!






Pure White Snow
17.1.08 15:18

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Miss.Bradshaw / Website (18.1.08 00:55)
Helloooooooooooooo Lovers...

Oh c'mon!!!You still haven't done anything about the "colour issue",.It's like walking in a dark forest with your eyes closed....anyway......I guess I ll start bloging again.I somehow missed it.BTW...did you check out THE PRETENDERS (what a fiting name)pics she shot during her first trip to central park??????She 's such a clichee...anyway...can't believe she's really there.I still think about the blue box method *lmao*...Naaaah.Let her have her fun.....
OMG OMG OMG!!!! Guess what....JOJOs AUNT!!!!! just wrote me (and remember it's past midnight) andshe wanted to know how things worked out on sunday (when jojo and me were having lunch)....she said she knew that she was quite cheeky (and hat she is!!!) but that it qould be some sort of family sickness......She mentioned that she would be QUITE INTERESTED IN A REUNION!!!!....I you get that????What do you think she wants????? (and the best thing is, I didn't even tell her that jojo and me were out.I guess Lisa must have told her.)....
ah ..and regarding your günther question.....It wasn't just some sort of fling...I LOVED HIM!!!, after all the experiance I have (which is sadly not quite much) I am absolutely sure about that one.....I actually often think about him.....strange,is it?!!'s already that late again.....eeeeeew...don't wanna go to work....*Sniff*
well...take care...
see (read) you tomorrow...

Sina / Website (21.1.08 10:57)
Hey ma sweetn.
How was PS I LOVE YOU? I read the synopsis and I almost started to cry....don't want to know what the FILM is doing to me.How was your weekend...mine was crappy.....but I have GOOD NEWS!!! I am starting my new job on feb 14 and untill then I have to take the 4 day free (which are left over) so I guess I ll take them in the week when you are in Munich???

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